Plastic Bag Bans become the Norm?


Will your city be the next to ban plastic bags? It seems as though these bans are becoming more commonplace as the campaign against plastic waste has gained traction.


On March 19 of this year, Santa Cruz County, California joined the ranks of plastic bag-banning municipalities.  In the unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County, plastic bags have been banned outright in all businesses except for restaurants, and a 10 cent charge (that will rise to 25 cents after one year) has been placed on the paper bags that will now be available at all businesses.

In the United States, California has led the war against plastic, with bans already in place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Marin County, and a few others to boot (check out a full list of California cities and municipalities here). This movement has expanded to Seattle, Portland, coastal North Carolina, and other locales scattered across the country (How Stuff Works).


 Although new policies are not always met with complete support, most people are willing to sacrifice personal convenience for a healthy environment.  The video below describes the new ban in Santa Cruz County in more detail, and shows the reactions of some local residents.

 Plastic bags, however, are being banned not only in the United States, but across the globe.  Both developed and industrial nations alike have made an effort to either ban or tax plastic bags.  Although progress has been slow, places like California have developed a new social norm: banning the plastic. Learn what you can do to fight against The Plastic here!



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