OBX, Like it should be!


The Outer Banks, a 200-mile expanse of pristine coastline. It’s home to the Piping Plover  (a small oyster-catcher listed as a threatened species) and an important Sea Turtle nesting area. It’s also rated one of America’s top 10 beaches. Unfortunately, for the last few years it’s looked more like a sand-covered parking lot than a top 10 beach and excessive off-road vehicle (ORV) use has threatened the Sea Turtle nesting and Piping Plovers. Hopefully that’s all going to change this year!

A perfect example of why it's ranked the number 5 beach in America

As of Feb. 15, the National Park Service will be requiring anyone who wants to drive on the beach to buy a permit, $50 for a day pass or a $120 for the year. This policy is great! It’s likely to lower ORV use, keep the beach open to those willing to buy a permit or carpool, keep the beach looking like it belongs in America’s top 10, and allow the wildlife of the Outer Banks to thrive again. The result, a beautiful beach and a thriving ecosystem!

If you’re in doubt about how much of an effect ORV use has on the local wildlife check out this press release.


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