New Show Alert: Frozen Planet!


As I impatiently wait for the most anticipated week of television, cough SHARK WEEK cough, I try to look for shows to fill that void in my heart. If you feel the same way, do not fear for I have found a solution! Discovery Channel has just aired premiered their new series Frozen Planet.

It is comparable to their previous entrancing show Planet Earth and it really has something for everyone! Where as Planet Earth went to all crevices of the earth, literally too, Frozen Planet focuses on life for the animals of the Arctic and Antarctic regions. It’s beautifully shot, fascinating, and just plain amazing.

With all the craziness that is life, it really helps to sit back, relax and be moved away by the wonders of our earth. Meet the stars of the show! Make sure you catch it on Sundays at 8PM on the Discovery Channel! You know I will be watching!


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