Fast Ways for the Overloaded College Student to Go Green


Am I the only one that gets seriously depressed when I see pictures of marine life stuck in plastic soda rings? I highly doubt it. It’s common knowledge that plastic waste has become a major problem in our oceans and for all species living in it. Between classes, exams, projects, and papers it seems hard to dedicate some time to trying to be more environmentally friendly. I have news for you fellow college kids: it’s not hard! There are easy ways that you can decrease the amount of plastic you use on a daily basis AND have more money in your wallet! Crazy right?! Listen up:

1. Get a reusable water bottle!

I stopped drinking bottled water over a year ago. It was one of the best decisions of my life, no lie. One, it was so easy. All you gotta do is  go buy a reusable bottle and a filter to put directly on your faucet or a brita filter. I personally have a brita and I adore it. Now I don’t ever have to worry about running out of water or lugging it up flights of stairs to my dorm room. I also don’t have nearly as much recycling as I use to! I mean I still recycle but it’s a whole other type of beverage if you catch my drift ;]

2. Use canvas bags when you go grocery shopping.

I can’t tell you how many stupid plastic bags are under my kitchen sink at the moment. It’s actually gross. Everytime my housemates go shopping it keeps building up. I hate it, it’s such a waste. That’s why I decided to buy a few reusable canvas bags and bring them to the grocery store every time I go shopping. It was hard to remember to bring them at first so I leave them by the door in my house so I see them before I leave.  It was such a simple way to decrease my plastic waste that I wish I committed to doing it a while ago. You can buy your canvas bags at the store itself! Super convenient! Also check out Surfrider’s Rise of Plastics Campaign and sign the petition to committ to using plastic bags!

3. Use reusable tupperware

The easiest way to stop using ziploc bags, plastic wrap, and all that other stuff is to use tupperware. Even better is to get glass containers. I know what you’re thinking. What if I drop it? It will go everywhere! Don’t fret. It’s actually so much better. I can’t even tell you how many times I have called my mom and was like “Can I reheat my dinner in this?” You know what her answer is right? A big fat NO. She always tells me the plastic will melt into your food and that’s not good for you blah blah blah. But it’s true! Thanks mom. Another way to avoid getting more plastic tupperware from restaurants is to dine in instead! Go figure!

4. Opt for products packaged in cardboard instead of plastic

Cardboard is way easier to recycle compared to plastic. Unless it’s a type 1 or 2 plastic, plastic can be very hard to recycle. It’s simple guys! Plus cardboard packaging is usually cheaper since it’s less aesthetically pleasing compared to plastic packaging.

5. Buy in bulk

I don’t know about you but Costco is one of my favorite places to go, like ever. So if you have to buy plastic, I mean it’s seriously omnipresent, you might as well buy in bulk so not only you get more of the product itsef, you also get more for your money. Woot woot!

Those weren’t so hard, right? Definitely easy enough for every college kid to do! Check out more ways to reduce your plastic waste!


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