4 Ways to Remember Your Reusable Bags


Go ahead, admit it to yourself, remembering your reusable bag before you go grocery shopping is a difficult task.  Often, when you remember that you have a reusable bag to use, you’re already packing plastic bags with the items you just purchased.  If this happens to you more than once or twice a week, you need to create better ways to remember your reusable bag.  Below are four ways to remember your reusable bag!

 1) Write on a sheet of paper “Don’t Forget Your Reusable Bag” in bold print!  Attach this to your fridge or a place in your house where you’ll be reminded to bring your bag before you go shopping.  This acts as a ‘ prompt,” providing visual reinforcement to aide in changing your “behavior!”Image


2) If you know you’re going shopping at some point in the day, set an alarm on your cell phone that reminds you to bring your reusable bag with you.  This requires you to go shopping at a certain time and setting your alarm prior to your shopping departure. 

 3) Buy multiple reusable bags to store in your house, car, and backpack.  The more reusable bags you have at your convenience, the more likely you are to use reusable bags!  Most online purchasing sites sell reusable bags in sets of 4 for an affordable price.  If you’re anything like me and love professional football, NFL reusable bags are in style!  Support your team and the environment!  http://www.nextag.com/nfl-reusable-bags/compare-html  Image


4) Get a tattoo!  If you’re that forgetful of using reusable bags, get a tattoo on your hand that reminds you to always use your reusable bags!  


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