Jay Alder:Going Beyond the Canvas


Being a Monmouth County native, there’s nothing I love more then the beach in the summer. So during the cold winter months, the artwork of Jay Adler reminds me of the beautiful weather to come.  Alder is a surf artist originally from Howell, NJ. His art work could be seen on nationally recognized products, as well as many local New Jersey restaurants. However, many people are unaware of this. However, despite his extensive portfolio, most people have never even heard of him.

Some places you have probably seen his art work are:

Emergen-C blue packaging…

Life’s Lemonade’s packaging …

Or maybe you have seen his art in the Jackson or Belmar SurfTaco…

While Alder has an impressive lists of clients purchasing his artwork, he has not forgotten his roots. He is very involved with surf culture. In 2009, SurfAid International named Alder the official SurfAid Ambassador. If you are unfamiliar with  SurfAid International, it is a charitable organization that has the goal of improving health conditions for people living in undeveloped surf community. Alder has donated countless pieces of his art to Surfriders’ annual art auctions including actions held at the South Jersey and Washington D.C. chapters.  His artwork depends on a clean ocean to inspire him.

Hopefully, now you can connect Alders’ face with his art work.


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