Want a FREE plastic bag?


…I hope you said “No”.

People are constantly given plastic bags free of charge thanks to stores nationwide, but someone somewhere paid for these plastic bags to be made. The true cost of these plastic bags from production to disposal, and in the rare cases of recycling, is truly overwhelming.

Now let me ask you another question – Do you want a plastic bag that is free to you but  costs California $25 million annually to discarded in landfills and public agencies more than $300 million annually in litter cleanup OR a reusable bag for a small one time cost that will save millions of dollars and help preserve nature?

If you chose a reusable bag, here are some of your awesome options!

60Bags naturally decompose approximately 60 days after being discarded, saving expensive recycling or disposing costs.

Show other shoppers and store owners that you're a fighter in the war against plastic with Lovegrove & Repucci's reusable bag.


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