WebMD: Cure to Plastic-bagitis


ATTENTION READERS: A plastic bag disease is plaguing the nation.


  • plastic bags oozing out of every crevice of your home and/ or office
  • aching doubt of what to do with the bags instead of throwing them away
  • pressure on your wallet with the pending plastic bag tax
  • tired/ fatigue of seeing plastic bags getting stuck on trees or floating in the breeze


If you suffer any of these ailments: have no fear the penicillin is here!

I have discovered several solutions as to how you can cure this plastic bag infection.

Plastic-bagitis Treatment and Care:

For pressure on wallets and fatigue of seeing plastic bags EVERYWHERE:

Purchase of a reusable bag will not only prevent the tax from reaching you but it will also take those nasty plastic bags off the streets and out of the environment.

For excessive plastic bags:

Relieves doubt of what to do with leftover plastic bags and gives them a purpose. Place extra bags on rungs of wastebasket and reuse unwanted bags as trash collectors.

  •  Fashion Treatment

Thanks to Lady Gaga’s debut of zombies in plastic at Fashion week in Paris in 2011 it has become completely acceptable to suit up in these environmental nuisances.


Getting support from others who suffer from the plastic bag plague can be crucial in a time of healing. Contact your local supermarket and express your need for them to stop freely handing out plastic bags!


Be apart of the Cure:

Join Surfrider’s Rise Above Plastics campaign in their efforts on Asbury Park boardwalk to eliminate the plastic parasites from the beach.







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