Taking a stand against plastic


Plastic! Plastic! Plastic!

Did you know that plastic bags are among the top two items of debris found most often in coastal cleanups? Second only to cigarette butts (not surprising). Plastic bag use has increased significantly since its creation. Everyday plastic bags are being used at restaurants, boardwalks, and clothing stores. The many benefits of plastic bags (light weight, convenient, cheap) screened us from the underlying problem. An unforeseen consequence of this plastic boom has since been realized. Beaches filled with plastic debris, and floating islands of plastic waste has jumpstarted some states and countries to take action. Here are just a few countries that have either banned plastic bags completely or used taxes to discourage its use.

–       China

–       Bangladesh

–       Rwanda

–       Bulgaria

–       Syria

–       Ireland

–       South Africa                                                                                                                          Sierra Club Beach Sweep 

Get Involved!

There are ways that you could get involved in keeping New Jersey beaches clean and plastic free. Every year the Clean Ocean Action group holds two Beach Sweeps programs around different beaches in New Jersey. Volunteers gather at different designated locations on beaches throughout NJ to pick up unsightly harmful debris. Beach Sweeps is a good way to get the community together and keep our environment clean. Next time you’re walking on the beach and step on garbage think about how you could have helped…


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