Innovative and Must-Have Items For The Beach This Summer!


Looking for some must-haves for the beach this year?  We all know about the usual items such as, the towel, the chair, the lotion, etc.  But what about all the cool stuff?  Look no further!  This little list includes some of the most innovative, interesting, and “gotta have it” items for the beach!  Not to mention, they’re all probably things you never would have thought of, or have been wondering why no ones invented them yet.  Enjoy!

  • The Suntracker Swivel Beach Chair:  This is the only portable, swivel beach chair in the world!  It has a fold-up design, and swivels 360 degrees around, so you never have get up and move your chair with the sun again.  At only 11 pounds, this chair has a strong aluminum frame, and folds to just 6 inches.  You’ll be envied at the beach with this chair!  Get yours HERE.

  • VaultVacation Vault offers a small vault for cameras, cell phones, car keys, jewelry, sunglasses, or whatever else you’d like to lock away.  The tiny vault is portable and can be brought anywhere, making it perfect for the beach!  Want to take a dip in the water to cool off but don’t want to worry about leaving your valuables out?  Bring a Vacation Vault with you to the beach next time and your worries will go away.

  • Water-Proof Kindle Protector:  KlearKase offers water-proof cases for all of Amazon’s Kindles.  Now you can use your kindle worry-free at the beach or pool!  It protects against water, dirt, and scratches.  Don’t worry about getting your paper-backed book wet this summer, just bring your water-proof Kindle!

  • Parasheet:  L.L. Bean offers an affordable grand trunk parasheet.  These are to be placed on the sand, for your towels to go on top of.  The best part is that they are made from a nylon parachute silk that remains cool in the sun.  The corners even have pockets to be filled with sand or staked down, to prevent blowing away.  They’re also easy to clean and repel sand!

  • Sandless Beach Mat:  Hammacher Schlemmer offers an amazing sand replant beach mat.  Originally developed for military use, this beach mat is impossible to cover with sand.  The mat is also equipped with metal rings in each corner to allow being staked down to prevent blowing away.  Never worry again about sand on your towel with this beach mat!

  • Ergonomic Beach Lounger:  A little pricey, but perfect for the tanning-obsessed.  This beach lounger is recommended by physical therapists because it provides support and comfort while laying down.  It has three strategically placed pillows designed to relieve spinal pressure and provide support for your body.  It also contains a massage table style head rest (face open) to allow you to read in comfort while laying on your stomach.  It can move into six different positions and even fold into a beach chair style as well!  Get one HERE!


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