My Breakup with Plastic Bags


Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions whether it is to give up a nasty habit, hit the gym more often or in my case, to stop using plastic bags. Most people only stick to their New Year’s resolution for a few weeks and then end up returning to their old habits. I myself have been guilty of this in the past but I mean we all have…right? But this year I was determined to stick to my goal!

At first it was extremely difficult to remember my reusable bags and most of the time I was running out the door to do a quick errand and they were the last thing on my mind. Determined to stop forgetting, I searched helpful tips that seemed to make it impossible to forget my reusable bags. Here are some of the tips I found useful as well as things I have come up with myself that made coping with my breakup a little less painful:

  • Buy a reusable bag that is attachable so you can put it on a key chain or a purse handle. Here is a great one offered by ChicoBag that is inexpensive and convenient! 
  • Many sites suggest to keep the bags in your trunk so that they are with you at all times. I found personally that I tended to forget the reusable bags were in my trunk so I started stashing them in the drivers side door. When I would go to leave my car I would see the bags sitting there and it made it extremely easy to remember them. 
  • Leave the reusable bags near the door you use most frequently when leaving your home either on the door itself or a hook next to the door. 
  • Put the reusable bags near your grocery list so that when you go to grab the list you see them sitting right there.
  • I personally find that shopping at places that offer incentives also help me remember the bags. Target  and Whole Foods are just two examples of the numerous companies who are joining the fight against plastic bags.
  • Buy reusable bags that you actually like the look of. The more you like the bag the more you’ll want to show it off! Envirosax offers adorable bags for good prices. Even Etsy, a site with handmade products, offers a large variety of bags!
  • Put a reminder in your car! Conserving Now offers a FREE window cling that reminds you to bring your reusable bags. Another website called Bagnesia offers a steering wheel wrap that says, “grab your bags” and is only $1.99!
  • Use reusable bags that are small and can be stored easily in a backpack, purse or virtually anywhere. Here is a reusable bag that is small and folds into a little ball. 
Like every breakup it was difficult to imagine my life without plastic bags in the beginning, but after following the above tips they became a thing of the past. It’s all about finding what works best for you and soon enough using reusable bags will be second nature!

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