Frack is Wack


Hydraulic fracturing also known as fracking is the process of which pressurized fluids and chemicals are inserted into rocks in the ground which releases natural gases into the environment. Organizations such as Greenpeace and Sierra Club have done their best in the fight against fracking. They’re fighting these major oil companies to put a stop to this dangerous process. Major companies reason for the ongoing process is that it provides economic stability for people. The issue with that is people are having health concerns around the communities where fracking is taking place. For people who do not understand the process here it is in a two minute video.

Water and air are the two elements that can be affected the most. Fracking can release many chemicals in drinking water supply that is not safe for us. In addition to that, it releases harmful pollutants in the air as well. This can cause breathing problems for people around the area. Who wants to drink water and breath air that isn’t clean or safe. Fracking is a constant threat to all of that. Do you part in your community to make sure fracking is not part of your town.


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