Plastic Bags or Unique Art?


City art by Joshua Allen Harris: Famous polar bear that represented the impacts of climate change

Plastic Art

Walking the streets of New York City, it is almost impossible not to be memorized by the unique landscape: enormous skyscrapers, eclectic shops and boutiques, and a variety of different cultural themes and people. NYC is filled with life and experience. Unfortunately trash has grown to be a part of this diverse landscape, with plastic bags suffocating the blacktop streets. Not only are these plastic bags ascetically unpleasing, but they harm the environment in a variety of ways. What if though, it was possible to take objects as hideous as plastic bags, and make them into beautiful city street art? Luckily a creative and bright individual named Joshua Allen Harris did exactly that.

“Using only tape and discarded plastic shopping bags, the New York based artist creates giant inflatable animals that he fastens to sidewalk grates and vents”

Even with information regarding the harms of plastic bags, it is obvious that not every person in New York City cares or is interested in this dilemma. But once in a while comes an individual, such as Joshua Harris, that is able to take an ugly situation and create something unique and artistic for the world to enjoy.


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