Excess baggage


The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and the local shops are all gearing up for the busy summer season.  The inevitable influx in visitors breaths life into the dormant winter economy.  The empty towns and beaches fill up with people, cars, cash, and plastic.  From broken inflatable tubes to solo cups, trash is left when everyone leaves for the day.  The plastic bags drift  like tumbleweeds on the empty beaches.

Unfortunately, trash cans on the beach are not always enough to keep the trash off and even then it will end up in a dump for the next 1000 years.

Fortunately there is a use for these pesky polymers and the solution can make business owners a bit of money during the ever important summer.


Plastic bags can be made into yarn, which can be made into clothing, which can be sold in local stores. It keeps the businesses making money and the bags of the beach.

Trash is an inevitable by-product of summer crowds, but with a little creativity the unsightly plastic can be converted into eye pleasing garb.

Follow the link for a plethora of great plastic yarn making techniques.

green upgrader


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