The New Coke v. Pepsi


Coke vs. Pepsi– A never-ending battle of the brands of refreshing beverages. Since the introduction of their advertisements in 1886 and 1903, Americans have been trying to chose which soft drink they favor the most.

Recently people have a new decision to make:

Clean and safe drinking water vs. unsafe potentially harmful drinking water

The people of New York City have had the opportunity to have these vending machines conveniently placed for the indecisive consumer:

This is a campaign designed by UNICEF that gives you choices of which disease you would like to contract from drinking a bottle of their delicious dirty water. Pay $1 and get malaria, cholera, typhoid, salmonella, dysentery, hepatitis, and so on.

The choice is yours. Clean or unclean drinking water?

By donating 1$ to this campaign you are giving 40 children the chance to eliminate this choice.

Don’t you think they should have an equal opportunity to decide what they want to drink too?


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