A Greener Music Festival


Having attended several outdoor music festivals I have witnessed first hand the level of pollution created from these events. Although I love music festivals, I can’t help but feel guilty because of this.  Being environmentally friendly I began to wonder if festival holders were making any efforts to combat the mess they create. In my search for the answer I discovered A Greener Festival. A Greener Festival is a company that helps create environmentally friendly art and music events and festivals. Each year festivals are able to apply for A Greener Festival Award.  After reviewing the festivals, A Greener Festival gives the award to festivals they feel are making a great effort in reducing their impact on the environment. In 2011 they awarded 46 festivals with the award one of them being Bonnaroo.


A Greener Festival awarded several music festivals 2011 that are in the United States. Bonnaroo is one of these festivals and this makes it the fifth time they’ve received this award. Bonnarro is held on a farm in Manchester, Tennessee and this year is from June 7 to the 10. There’s 150 performers some including, Radiohead, Bon Iver, The Avett Brothers, Foster The People, The Kooks and many many more! There are also several comedians making an appearance. Bonnaroo is an extremely unique experience and allows you to camp out right on the site of the festival. Not only do they have performers, but they also have art exhibits, a movie theater, a silent auction, water slides, a trading post, a wide selection of food and much more!

What Makes Bonnaroo Green?

What could make a four day festival that gives off the vibes of Woodstock even better? The fact that they are doing so much to give back to the environment. During the ticket buying process they ask for donations to help improve the sustainability of the site of the festival. Bonnaroo has a variety of partners who are dedicated to improving the environment as well. One of the partners that they’ve teamed up with is the company Clean Vibes who are responsible for on-site waste control. In 2011 they helped Bonnaroo keep 238.31 tons of waste from the landfill. That is 68% of their total waste volume! They also team up with Rock the Earth which is a non-profit organization that works to protect natural resources by partnering up with the music industry. They encourage carpooling as a means of getting to Bonnaroo and even have a solar powered stage. Also, there is a large compost pile on site and they do research to develop more renewable energy sources!

Sound like the festival for you? Purchase your tickets here or sign up to be a volunteer with either the Work Exchange Team or with Clean Vibes. For helpful tips to make your experience at Bonnaroo one to remember check out their YouTube channel or bonnarootips.comThis is just one of the amazing festivals awarded the Greener Festival Award in the United States and the others include LollapaloozaAustin City Limits and Lighting in a Bottle . If you’re feeling adventurous and want to experience environmentally friendly festivals occurring around the world here is a complete list of the festivals awarded the Greener Festival Award in 2011. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience an amazing music festival while helping the environment at the same time!


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