3 Tricks to a better, eco-friendly day at the beach


The thing that bothers me most when I go to the beach is seeing the all the plastic garbage mixed in with the sand. While it’s a little bit annoying, the beach is too much fun for something like that to stop me from going. But it’s alway in the back of my mind. So how can you be part of the solution to this plastic problem? Here are easy ways to help stop litter on the beach and maybe even improve  your time at the beach!

1. Bring your own water and food.

By bringing your own meals and drinks lowers your plastic consumption. It also mean your probably eating healthier and don’t have to worry about drinking the harmful carcinogens associated with water bottles.

2. B.Y.O.B. Bring Your Own Bag

Plastic bags blow are very light and can blow away down the beach or into the ocean easily. Eliminate the opportunity for plastic bags to become litter! You’ll feel better about yourself and have a reusable bag you can use other places too!

3. Carry out what you carry in

Plenty of beaches advocate for this, and for good reason. If you pay a little extra attention the beach will look just as good next time you visit and you’ll make sure you don’t accidentally forget something that you might miss!

This is just a starting point, when it comes to being more environmentally friendly there are always other things to can do to be more responsible.

Check out some of these posts for some more ideas on easy ways to make an impact!


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