Reuse Your Old Junk


The common misconception about practicing environmentally friendly behavior is that it is a difficult process in which one has to give up the things they enjoy. However, practicing sustainable behavior can actually be a fun creative past time. You can be environmentally friendly without taking huge steps, like selling your and taking public transportation or installing a lo-flow toilet. The key to going green? Start small! There are various different steps that people can take to recycle household items that they no longer have use for. Not only is reusing things you have lying around the house good for the environment, but it can be fun, and also save money!

A few fun, simple ideas you might not have though of are:

Old T-Shirts: Have a favorite t-shit that you can no longer wear? Sew a couple of t-shirts together and make a pillow case or even a reusable shopping bag.

Mason/Sauce Jars: Wash out old mason or sauce jars and use them as a vase for flowers.

 Tires: Don’t send your old tires to the junk yard, use it to make a tire swing!

Baby Food Jars: One youre finished with baby food jars, wash them out and use them as votive candle holders.

For more fun, creative and money saving ways to be environmentally friendly, click here!


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