Sea Turtles Don’t Shop


When you step out of your house, you’re almost sure to see a plastic bag. They’re EVERYWHERE. When is the last time you have gone outside and NOT seen a  plastic bag floating with the wind or stuck to a bush? Our plastic bag use is really hurting the environment.

There are many reasons why we should stop consuming plastic bags, the most convincing of them all – our endless consumption is polluting our waters and hurting the ocean dwellers. Our aquatic friends have no use for these bags, they only cause harm. When plastic bags make there way into the ocean they strangle, starve, and choke marine life.

What can we possibly do to stop hurting these creatures and polluting our water? The solution is simple, invest in reusable bags. People may think that carrying around a big reusable bag isn’t fashionable. However, there are many trendy options. Tight on money? Not a problem either, there are many DIY options – which are great since you are recycling. Bags can be made out of shower curtains, old t-shirts, and even recycled plastic bags! If you’re still opposed to being seen carrying a bag around, no need to fret, there are super compact options available that can be kept in your pocketbook, backpack, or pocket.

Practicing environmentally sustainable behavior is easy! Pick up a reusable bag and keep plastic bags out of the ocean.

Because after all, sea turtles don’t shop.


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