America at war with Plastic Bags


Plastic bags have become a symbol of American culture.  They were first introduced to the United States in 1976 and by 1990 had become regular past time for grocery stores. Because of this introduction, the United States is now in a plastic bag crisis.

Over 102 billion of plastic bags are being used every year.  That is more then 500 per Consumer. One percent of plastic bags are recycled. The rest end up in our landfills, trees, sewers and worse our beaches.

One thing that could put a stop to this problem is the use of a reusable bag. This is a meaningful action that is better for our environment. It promotes sustainability and reduces environmental impact. So why are we still using plastic bags?

Rolling Stone published  an article,  “The Plastic Bag Wars” written by Kitt Doucette. The article discusses how the government recently launched a campaign to defeat the reusable bag. Accepting political donations, lobbying at state and national level. Their main focus is to have people see the bad in reusable bags and to take the American eye off of our plastic crisis.

Plastic bag companies are also now counter attacking and getting support from large chemical giants ExxonMobil and Dow.  These companies are going to extreme measures to stop plastic activists.

The US government has not reacted as they should have with our plastic bag crisis and have left the American people to do it on our own.  Now that the battle lines have been drawn, what side of the line are you standing on?


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