Winter Surfing without the Wetsuit


If you are like me, you aren’t a fan of cold weather. Winter seems to be impatiently waiting to arrive and even gave the Garden State a preview of what’s to come. Surfers along the Jersey Shore will have to break out their winter wetsuits soon for these upcoming winter months. But if you want to escape the cold frigid New Jersey winter, here are a few beaches that offer excellent wintertime surfing.

Black’s Beach, San Diego, California- This beach is known for its two mile secluded strip of sand and amazing ways. It has one of the most powerful surf breaks and is advised for advanced surfers. Not to mention Black’s Beach is one of the largest nude beaches in the United States, so keep the younger surfers at home.

Hanalei Bay, North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii– You don’t need to be a pro to surf this part of Hawaii. This spot is perfect for beginners and offers beautiful landscaping. For the non surfers, Kauai offers whale watching, botanical gardens, and wildlife sanctuary. It’s the perfect place to escape the East Coast winter.

Rincon Bay, Puerto Rico- Known as the Caribbean Surfing Capital, Rincon Bay offers fast and big waves for the experienced surfer. Rincon Bay is made up of six beaches that incorporate the calm Caribbean and rough Atlantic so surfers have options.

BarbadosThe island of Barbados is claimed by many surfers to have the most consistent surf in the Atlantic. The eastern shore of Barbados is the most popular among surfers because of its right-handed reef breaks called the “Soupbowl”. The “Soupbowl” is usually inhabited by locals but if you show some respect, they will give you your own takeoff spot.

Fran Gealer


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