The difference starts with YOU


Time and time again the statement “you can make a difference” is thrown
around when trying to encourage people to do something environmentally
friendly. Most of the time, the thought “yeah right there’s 7 billion
people on this planet, one person won’t change anything” follows that
statement. Ever think there is something you can do to make a difference?
Finally there is!! It’s as simple as reducing the use of plastic!

Asbury Park, NJ is launching its Rise Above Plastic campaign, headed by Surfrider. Plastic
materials are not biodegradable. They sit there and breakdown bit by bit, but
never fully decompose. These pieces of plastic can build up over time and the
result is pollution and harmful poisons to animals. We all have seen the image
of the bird whose head is stuck in a ring of 6 plastic circles.


Some simple adjustments involve using cloth reusable bags instead of plastic ones, avoiding
the use of plastic materials, and creating awareness amongst friends to follow
this too. Drink a lot of water from plastic bottles? Try getting a Britta that
filters faucet water. Why not purchase a reusable metal bottle that is always
ready to use. Starbucks offers a discount for those who bring in their own
reusable mugs. Recycle and save money!


Want some more ideas? Check outs the campaign page on Surfrider’s page, . Make some blog
posts if you have any other ideas and find out how you can get the movement
started in your area. Remember, it only takes one person to make a difference!


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