Surfers BEWARE: surfing can cause illness.


you’re probably thinking there’s no way my favorite sport could EVER make me
sick. Well you might want to rethink that. You can compare surfing in ocean
water to swimming in your toilet. So much sewage gets emptied into oceans
around America,
and even around the world that is untreated. I’m sure you have gone to the bathroom in the
water at least once. Where do you think that goes? It just disappears and the water cleans
itself? Wrong. Not only is the ocean human beings own trash disposal, it’s also
the world’s bathroom.


Trash and wastes are forever
accumulating in the waters that we carry out our life passion of surfing in. Do
I go to the bathroom on your football field when your playing a game? No,
although I would like to when the Eagle’s defense can’t set up a simple block
for Vick to get the ball out. This pollution can strongly affect your immune
system in so many ways. Ever hear that when someone farts on your pillow you
get pink eye? Well the truth about that is that the fecal matter that was
released is now on your pillow, which goes into your eye and causes an
infection. This waste enters your body through nose, mouth, ears, and eyes. It
is common to catch some virus from swimming in the ocean, especially one that
is heavily polluted.

Need some tips on how to avoid getting
sick after surfing?

  •  If the water is cold enough, wear a full wet
    suit to keep your internal temperature stable and less skin to water contact.
  •  As tasty as the water looks, don’t put any in
    your mouth.
  •  Take a shower right after your session and make
    sure to thoroughly wash your body wit soap.
  •  For those of you who surf everyday, taking
    vitamins or even just vitamin C to boost your immune system.

Try looking up information to see
just how dirty some waters are by clicking this website link
If you want to surf in clean water, take the initiative to start a clean water
campaign in your area. You’d be surprised how many people would help out so
they can continue to do something they love. Check out local cities’ web pages
and other environment groups to get started. Surfs Up.


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