Snowtober, What a Tease


For those of us who are not fortunate enough to live in Colorado…have you been drooling over their snow conditions for the past few weeks? I know I’ve been. According to the Weather Channel, Wolf Creek in Colorado has been open since October 8th!

Who wouldn’t want to be here right now? Photo Courtesy of Zach Dischner.

Just imagine shredding down the mountain, whether you are on your board or your skis. Over on the east coast,Killington in Vermont is now ready for some riding, with 2 lifts and ten trails open, thanks to the crazy snowstorm the northeast got over Halloween weekend. I guess Halloween came dressed as Christmas this year (Is this clever or corny? Let me know). Now, I know for those who aren’t snow lovers and haven’t been dreaming since May of the sound of their skis/snowboard carving down the mountain, this snowstorm was not only a surprise, but completely unwelcome. TheWeather Channel reports that almost 400,000 people are without power until Thursday in New Jersey alone.  Many public schools without power had to use their snow days early. Halloween has been postponed in many towns until Friday (is that even legal?), so that young trick or treaters won’t be out in the dark, especially with power lines and trees down.

This is how many children are feeling right now. Photo courtesy of _complex_.

Those of us who love winter sports, however, see Snowtober as a taunting teaser. Snowtober was Mother Nature’s coy little way of maybe sending a flirty text, but not asking for a date, leaving you hanging on a thin little thread. Snowtober simply reminded me of how awesome flying down a mountain will be and how crisp and clean that freezing cold air is. It only made me more jealous of those who are lucky enough to say that their ski season has already started. Alas, I won’t be able to have a date with the mountain and my skis/snowboard until December.

Did Snowtober make you excited for the winter season to start? How did the snow storm affect your family and the area you live in?


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