Six Reasons for non Jerseyans to visit Asbury Park


“You can’t take the Virginia out of the girl, but you can certainly take the girl out of Virginia and into Asbury Park!”

Being a G.R.I.T.S (Girl Raised in the South), I have always been drawn to going to Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Ocean City (the one in Maryland), and Outer Banks. Once all of these New Jersey TV shows came out, Jersey seems like a pretty cool place to be for non Jerseyans. People in Virginia always ask me, “Do you go to the shore every day?” “Do you see Snooki” “Do you see the NJ Housewives”. I sigh, roll my eyes, and answer, “No”. While being at Rutgers for four years, I have NEVER stepped foot onto any beach in New Jersey. So I devised up some reasons for us non Jerseyans to go to Asbury Park. So all you beach bums in the South, get off your bums and head over to Asbury Park. 

Asbury Park Boardwalk

6. Do you like taking long walks on the beach? What southern belle doesn’t? So get your beau to take you on a long romantic walk on the beach. 

5. Take a break from “Southern cookin'” and get your eat on at Stella Marina Bar and Restaurant with happy hour seven days a week. 

4. Tired of pool halls and country line dancing joints? Dive in at the hippest watering holes

3. Don’t feel like getting crazy at the bars? Then rock out at the Paramount Theatre  or Convention Hall.

2. Want to fit in the with hipsters of Asbury Park? Shop at Bodega Shoppe which offers hipster and eclectic fashions that will make all of those “Tan Legged Juliets” and “Redneck Romeos” jealous of your hip Asbury Park apparel.

1. One thing that us Southerners and Yankees have in common is we were BOOORN IN THE USAAA!!!! Rock out like Bruce Springsteen at the Stone Pony, one of the greatest rock clubs in the country. It’s where rockers like Springsteen and Bon Jovi gained their stardom.

So all you Southerners ‘git yer gear’ and go over yonder to Asbury Park.


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