Save Money And The Environment By Purchasing A Reusable Bag


The danger posed by plastic bag use has spurred representatives in cities like San Luis Obispo to take the appropriate legislative steps to ban such bags. This action, started by the Integrated Waste Management Authority in the US, is intended for highly populated cities. In a summary report from, the legislation would become effective law around the beginning part of 2013. In addition, this law would not only ban plastic bag use but paper bag use as well. This is just the first phase of the ban which will be followed by a yearlong phase out program for all the local businesses. This means that the local public will have no other choice but to purchase and use their own individual reusable bag when they go out shopping. The only businesses exempt to this law may be pharmaceutical companies.

The San Luis Obispo Ban  

The San Luis Obispo paper and plastic bag ban requires that the recyclable bags that people use meet the quality set by the government.  They have two main requirements that these bags must be accountable for. The bags must have a usage of at least one hundred twenty-five times and must also be able to withstand at least twenty-two pounds across a distance of one hundred seventy-five feet. There has not been very much information given to the general public about this ongoing issue, but they are hoping that there will be a positive response.

A co-op of Long Beach Council Members and Businesses

Just as the proposed ban of plastic and paper bags in San Luis Obispo, the city of Long Beach California has already passed such a law. Major retail stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Vons, and Ralph’s were one of the first to help with this ban. Target went as far as to offer free bags on the first day of August to all of their customers. After the promotion they sold reusable bags for fifty cents each.  The ban was also passed on to smaller stores and farmers markets where they must adhere to the ban by the first of January 2012. They are also looking to hopefully pass the ordinances in places like San Jose, Santa Monica, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Customizable and promotional reusable bags

The bans that these cities have petitioned and imposed have opened up the door for retailers to sell and produce their own customizable reusable bags. Once retailers display an eagerness to adjust to ideas for making the environment better, it puts forth the message that they are worried about the environment, and are eager to build and preserve a place that is environment friendly. In addition, these bags could also be produced to act as reusable grocery shopping bags; creating a double-edged environmental marketing tool that promotes company products while saving the environment.

Consumers can also help the environment by using these reusable bags and eco bags that have a long life life-span. Not only will it help retailers save the cost of single use plastic bags and help the environment, but they can also pick bags that are tailored to their shopping needs for their own convenience. The use of reusable bags is just another step to help reduce the amount of waste produced from plastic bags, and this can go a long way in helping keep the environment around us clean.


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