Reusable Bags- Green and Dirty?


What do you carry in your reusable bag? Bread? Meat? Juicy fruits and veggies? How about some yummy E. Coli?

The Miami Herald reports that a study conducted at the University of Arizona found that 8% of reusable bags carry E. Coli or other food- borne pathogens. Hm, what can E. Coli do to you? The Mayo Clinic says that it can cause cramps and bloody diarrhea. No big deal…

All is not lost. You do not have to throw out your reusable bags. Remember that it takes resources to make those too. There are a number of things you can do to stay green while still protecting yourself from those nasty germs.

Don't be fooled. This cute and innocent bag could make you sick. Photo courtesy of cakersandco.

The Miami Herald suggests that you can:

1) Wash or wipe out your reusable bags.

2) Don’t put raw meat in the same reusable bag as your fruits and veggies.

3) Avoid storing reusable bags in your car when it’s hot outside- this encourages bacteria growth!

Will you be changing the way you treat and pack your reusable bags after hearing about this? Stay green AND healthy. Wash out those bags.


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