Pale Girl Tested, Sensitive Skin Approved: Sun Products That Will Keep You Safe from the Sun


As a fair skinned Irish girl, the sun is not my biggest fan- let’s just say I have received pretty bad burn off of the snow in the winter.  Not only ‘ gingers’ such as myself are at risk for skin damage from the sun’s rays and we all must learn to better protect our skin or deal with the negative effects that come with years of exposure.  Luckily, this skin sensitivity I was blessed with has had an upside; I am now a self proclaimed expert on the best sun block products on the market.

My favorite product for daily use is a product that is put out by the Olay Company called Olay complete.  This product has more of the consistency of skin cream rather than the texture of sun block but still offers an SPF of 15.  This lotion feels light on your skin and does not carry the scent of sunscreen that turns many away from daily use of sunscreen.

Another product that I have used for many years is the Banana Boat Sport Performance sunscreen stick.  This product has an SPF 50 and is waterproof.  Both of these are important features to a great sunscreen product but my favorite quality about the stick is that it size is small that you can keep with you in a bag or a pocket without the fear of it exploding and making a mess.  The convenience factor of it being in stick form also makes application hands free which makes application on the beach include much less sand.

For all over body protection for that long day on the beach, it is time to ‘pull out the big guns’ so to speak and go with a sunscreen that gives the user an SPF 70+.  The Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sun Block Spray is able to provide full protection from the strong sun and is able to be applied quickly for those days on the beach where nothing seems worth the wait before running for the ocean.Small children especially need protection from the suns rays

These products have allowed me to enjoy the sunshine without endangering my skin to the harmful rays.  Not only pale skinned people need to worry about the effects of the sun so you should all try these products out for yourself!


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