Offshore Wind Forecasted for the Northeast


The time has finally arrived for offshore wind power- our engineers have built the turbines, perfected them, created massive plants to manufacture them- all that’s left is the politics. 

This is, of course, easier said then done…however our region is closer than ever to getting steel in the water. The question now is which state will win the race….

Deepwater Wind, one of the major players in the game of developing US offshore wind, is inching towards Rhode Island for its first US Offshore Windfarm aimed at construction in 2013.

Proposed Wind Farm Locations

The red lines show the proposed transmission line that would connect all wind farms and the power they generate.

Whatever happens, it will be soon. The Northeastern Seaboard is a nearly perfect place for fields of wind farms. Atlantic Wind Coalition, a transmission company, has identified the ideal locations for wind farms on this map.

Germany is has taken a lead in this industry and has been actively nudging themselves and their technology into the US market through the German-American Chamber of Commerce. The Germans are ready for offshore wind in the US, as well as the 84% of New Jerseans who are for offshore wind 12-15 miles out from shore. Keep your eyes peeled for developments in this area because they are sure to come in the near future as we inch away from coal and shy towards a more sustainable future.


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