No More Plastic Bags? It’s a Shore Thing


Do you want to see a sight like the one above every time you go to the beach?  I know I don’t.  But sadly, this image is becoming more common.  But there is hope.  More and more places in the world are looking to reduce their usage of plastic bags.

In 2010, the state of North Carolina wrote into their budget a plastic bag ban for the Outer Banks, the state’s major beach area.  This ban requires stores to offer recycled paper bags instead of plastic, and also requires stores to give a cash refund to customers who bring their own reusable bag.  The ban has had mixed reactions, and it has been noticed that stores have been giving out a large amount of paper bags instead of encouraging customers to bring their own reusable bags.  This campaign might be better if stores were required to offer reusable bags for customers to purchase instead of just requiring stores to carry paper instead of plastic.

The Asbury Park boardwalk is on the path to discourage plastic bag use and encourage reusable bag use.  As more beaches discourage the use of plastic and encourage the use of reusable bags, the sight above may become less common.  Wouldn’t that be a beautiful sight?


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