Never Forget Your Reusable Bag Again!


The environmental movement has caused a major change in what consumers receive at the end of the checkout line.  Unfortunately, the change is not that consumers no longer take plastic bags but instead they now get a slight feeling of guilt for taking the plastic bag when they know they have reusable bags at home. The reusable bag is something that everyone wants to use but everyone instead uses excuses to explain their way out of the slight guilt that is now associated with plastic bag use.  The most common excuse behind not using reusable bags is that the bags have been forgotten at home but thankfully the Container Store has created a way to never forget reusable bags at home.

The 27/7 Bag

The 24/7 Bag

The 24/7 Reusable bag is a reusable bag that can be conveniently folded down into a small ball that can be easily stored in a purse or inside of a car.  This bag is made of a strong nylon and is able to hold up to 25 pounds and is able to be purchased in multiple stylish colors. The bag can be purchased on the Container Store website and would make the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season!


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