Just because you’re going green doesn’t mean you have to blend in


Are you a person who likes to fit in with a crowd while at the same time, stand out? With the reusable bag craze in full swing now it has become clear that plastic bags are soon to be a thing of the past, and reusable bags are the next hot item. The only problem is most of the reusable bags on the market right now have advertisements on them, and if you’re looking to make a statement you want a bag that matches your personality, not show off where you bought it.

The company Envirosax has realized the need for bags that are not only earth friendly, but also fashion friendly. They offer many different colors and patterns that can match even the most complex fashion crazes while continuing to reduce the amount of plastic shopping bags.

These bags will help you stand out whether you’re in the grocery store or walking through the mall; while showing everyone that you care about the future. So make sure you don’t miss out, by doing your part to reduce plastic bag use while looking good doing it.


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