Jersey Shore Town Turning Green


A standard electric car charging station

How many miles per gallon did your car get 10 years ago? It probably is not as much as your current car. In the past decade the fight to move away from “gas guzzling” cars has been an uphill battle. The trend of having a giant SUV or other type of truck is quickly fizzling out due to rising gas prices and a more environmentally friendly outlook. One alternative is electric cars.

The Associated Press has reported that Avalon, a small shore town just north of Stone Harbor, is taking action to become more ecofriendly. Avalon has installed its first electric car charging station right outside the public safety building. The station runs 24/7 and can be used by motorists who present a credit card or a “smart card.” After the charging is complete the customer is notified by a text message or e-mail. Avalon will also see some profit from the charging station. The company that is responsible for its installation, U-Go Stations, will pay Avalon a portion of the revenues.

Electric cars are still a trend that needs to catch. Currently there is estimated to be 15,000 electric cars on the road, with about 13,000 chargers. By the year 2015 the Obama administration wishes to have about 1 million electric cars on the road, but this number is only a wish.

Typically they take anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours to charge. A station like the one in Avalon, the rate is about $3 an hour. Additional information on electric cars can be found here.

Being the first shore town in New Jersey to have a charging station Avalon is setting the bar for being ecofriendly among Jersey Shore communities. It should be expected that other communities follow by example and start introducing greener technology. Do you think it will happen?


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