iRecycle. You Recycle?


With smartphone users up 67 percent from last year to a total of approximately 95.8 million, “apps” are reaching society at a new level. There are now more wireless subscriptions for mobile phones in the United States than there are people.  With this major increase has come a surge in new apps being created for these smartphones. One of the newest “Green” apps on the market is iRecycle, created by the popular website that provides consumers with accessible and actionable recycling information across the country.

the HOME screen for the app with news feed streaming along the bottom

Recently, I began following on Twitter, and found out about this app from one of their tweets. I instantly downloaded it (for FREE) on my iPad and started testing out the waters. Using the GPS in your mobile device, the app finds recycling options specific to the users’ area. I was curious to see what was available in my area, and I was shocked. Within seconds, I knew of 62 locations within 20 miles of my location where I could deposit plastic bags that were ready to be recycled. Seconds later, I was looking through the 240 items they have listed. This app takes advantage of the social norm of smartphones allowing users to explore the world of recycling and sustainability, even if they were not previously interested.

Categories for recycled items.

Not only does this app provide important recycling information and destinations, it also has a news & lifestyle feature. The news feed shows relevant and interesting stories, which are focused on the environment and sustainability. Also, the app allows you to share the news stories or your recycling searches on Facebook and Twitter.


To recycle the plastic bags hiding around your house, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Download the iRecycle app on your smartphone.
  2. Collect the plastic bags in your home, as well as other plastic items including:
  • Paper towel and toilet paper plastic wrap
  • Newspaper bags
  • Dry-cleaning bags
  • Produce bags
  • Cereal box liners

3. Open the app on your phone, choose the “plastic bag” option and your “current location,” and you’re done! Take

the bags to the most convenient location, and you’ve done your part in helping the environment.

First four closest locations in the New Brunswick area to recycle #2 plastic bags.


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