Frack is Wack


With all the concern over energy resources, natural gas seems like an alternative that should be welcomed by the environmental community but it’s name is misleading. Hydraulic fracturing, or “hydrofrackng”, is the process used to remove natural gas from the earth. The extraction process involves a large amount of fresh water that is mixed with sand and toxic chemicals and then blasted into the earth. While corporations in charge of hydrofracking processes claim to remove the toxins from the ground when they’re done, it is very unlikely that they can undo all of the damage. This process creates the possibility of contaminating the ground and our water with very toxic chemicals. At the same time, it is wasting large quantities of fresh water, a resource that is rapidly being depleted without much recovery.

On November 21st, The Delaware River Basin Commission is scheduled to vote on hydrofracking regulations . The vote will determine whether or not they will allow 20,000 wells to be drilled in the Delaware River Basin and used for natural gas extraction and put the drinking water of millions in danger of being contaminated. ” The river supplies 15 million people with drinking water, 3 million of them in New Jersey” ( If they vote yes for the wells and hydrafracking, the drinking water for people in New York, New Jersey, Pensylvania and Delaware will be in danger of being contaminated with toxic chemicals.



Map of Delaware River Basin.

What you can do to stop hydrafracking in Delaware…

– call Governor Christie’s office and tell him to Vote No on hydrafracking. 609-292-6000

– attend the Nov 21st vote and pressure the Delaware River Basin Commission to vote no


It’s your water.


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