Eco-friendly Beach Items


When vacation time approaches, packing seems like a pain in the neck. What toiletries should I bring? What am I going to wear? What am going to do in my spare time? Here is a list of important eco-friendly items to bring on your next beach trip.

  • Document beach memories in an eco-friendly notebook from Target.

  • Ditch the 24 pack of Deer Park water bottles and invest in a Victoria’s Secret PINK hardplastic water bottle.


  • Save energy and leave blow dryers, straightening irons, and curling irons at home. Rock those curls and waves!

  • Be a proud consumer and start checking out labels on hair care products. Start using this eco-friendly products:

  • Wear Chemistry! An article posted by promoted this fashion company that manufactures ethically made clothing. 70% is made from bamboo and 10% is made from organic cotton.

    Tunic Dress


    Wear this Tunic as a beach cover up over your bathing suit.

  • Get a reusable bag to carry all these wonderful things. Pharrell Williams designed the cutest reusable bag for Earth Day.

    Eco-friendly bag by Pharrell Williams

    Get it now so you can look fashionable on the beach!

These are the essentials for a girl to have an eco-friendly and fun time at the beach!


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