Communicating with Dolphins


It is widely known that dolphins are one of the smartest of all mammals. Society loves to watch and interact with them because they are such happy and playful creatures. How do you think society would feel if we could communicate with them?

Researchers in Florida working on the Wild Dolphin Project are attempting real-time two-way communication, in which dolphins take the initiative to interact with humans. Head researcher Dr. Denise Herzing has been working with the dolphins through three generations and can tell you the name of each one and their personalities. In addition, all of this interaction has been recorded to build a database for reference.

Dolphins have always been good at reacting to human prompts usually with food as a reward for performing tasks. But, now Dr. Herzing hopes to take this communication to the next level by rewarding with social interaction. She hopes to create “a crude vocabulary for objects and actions.” The biggest challenge with this communication will be getting the dolphins to WANT to communicate. Hopefully, with all of the video footage and years of experience, Dr. Herzing will change the human relationship with dolphins.

Dolphins communicate with each other. Now, they may be able to do the same with people.


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