Cloth Bags: How to Look Awesome and Save Some Cash Doing It



When people go to grocery store chains like Shoprite or Stop & Shop, they usually get plastic bags to hold their items. People don’t look good while holding them, they don’t hold much, and they break easily. However, grocery chains are trying to do their part in helping the environment.

Shoprite has a program which takes off two cents per plastic bag that is brought with the shopper. It also has a program where people get five-cent discounts per cloth bag that they bring to the store. Stop & Shop may have a better program for some people. The grocery store chain lets customers turn in the bags to be recycled properly. Like  Shoprite, they also take cents off per reused plastic and cloth bags.
The stores also sell the reusable bags for 1 or 2 dollars apiece. They do hold a lot more grocery items than the plastic bags, but they aren’t really that easy on the eyes.

A Reusable Bag from Stop & Shop

There are some stores and online dealers that actually work with up-and-coming fashion designers. Dealers such as Envirosax have many designs that fit everyone’s style, whether you’re into sports or the Amazon rainforest. These bags are under $10 and are definitely worth it when you reuse it!

Celebrities like Sheryl Crow are huge supporters of the environment and have their own fashion line of cloth bags. It makes you think that you could look as awesome as a celebrity while saving the planet at the same time!

Singer Sheryl Crow Designed a Reusable Bag to Help People Toward Going Green


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