Calling All Bag Monsters!


Lady Gaga may have been the first to rally her  “little monsters” in the hopes of inflicting change, but she is certainly not the last.

On May 8th, at 2pm join the city of Asbury Park Boardwalk Commission and the Jersey Shore chapter of Surfrider to show your support for the launch of their newest campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags along the boardwalks of Asbury Park by saying “No” to the bag monster. Appproximately 500 single-use disposable plastic bags are consumed per person per year in the United States. Every time you discard one of these bags, your personal bag monster grows stronger and stronger, as it clogs landfills and endangers wildlife.

Check out some of the Bag Monsters below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s big! It’s ugly! It’s a real problem- but together we can make a difference to make this big problem go away! Come out and show your support May 8th beginning at 2pm. Event participants will receive a free Surfrider reusuable bag, as well as other Surfrider gifts- just for showing your support.

And they say monsters only come out on Halloween?

Terrance Johnson


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