get off your couch and enjoy your summer next year


Are you like me and let summer pass you by without even realizing it? I spent all my time relaxing that I barely have anything to show for it now that my tan has faded. Well if you’re like me and you wish you did more with your summer then you should start planning next summer now so that you can make sure you take advantage of every sunny day.

One great way to spend your day would be going to the jersey shore, but if your like me you can’t just sit on the beach all day. So instead you can find events much like the Belmar Pro surf competition. In September, amateur and professional surfers head to 18th avenue in Belmar to compete with some of the best surfers on the east coast. The competition is followed by a concert and autograph signing which makes the Belmar a definite destination for me next year.

If you are looking for something to do on the inland then you can head to one of New Jersey’s many parks where you can enjoy everything from hiking, bike riding, camping or any of the numerous activities available. These activities are great for people of all ages and are great ways to save money while still enjoying your summer.

While these things are a great way to pass the time while gaining stories, one of my favorite ways to spend a day in New Jersey has to be on a fishing boat. New Jersey has great fishing right off its coast and there is no greater story then a picture of yourself with a giant fish on the end of your line.

So start planning your summer now so that by this time next year you will still be making all of your friends jealous with your stories of the great times you had in New Jersey while they were sitting on their couch.


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