Its Time to Get “Jersey’d”


In Jersey, everything is BIG (or so we are meant to think it is!) Big muscles – Big Hair- Big Attitudes – and most of all, BIG DRAMA. These stereotypes of New Jerseyans can be attributed a cultural phenomenon sweeping television airwaves. SORRY fans… its not the Real Housewives! Now concluding its fourth season on air, MTV’s hit reality series Jersey Shore continues to wow audiences across the globe as it follows eight housemates spending their summers together at the New Jersey Shore.

Back Left to Right: Vinny, Pauly D., Mike "The Situation", Ronnie, Sammie "Sweetheart", Deena, Nicole "Snookie", Jenn "Jwow"

Although entertaining, the show is no stranger to controversy. During its premiere in 2009; citizens attempted to have it removed from tv listings on the grounds that it misrepresented Italian-Americans as flashy, over-tanned guidos/guidettes with addictions to partying, booze and hair gel. The HORROR! To date we’ve witnessed the “on again – off again” romance of two house members; we were shocked and horrified as Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi got punched in the face by a man during a bar fight; and watched as Paully D and Vinny continue to build a friendship that is greatly influenced by fast girls and the “Smush” room.

Jersey Shore Beach Property - Seaside, NJ

As the seasons progress, this crazy bunch of eight has become a household name. NJ.comreported on October 24, 2011 that for $2500 per night, the Jersey home in which the entire show is filmed is open to Jersey Shore enthusiasts who want to live it up “Jersey Style”; with full access to all its rooms and amenities. Joe Ambrosini, one of the home’s recent renters from Philadelphia, described his experience to the Asbury Park Press as his opportunity to “buy 15 minute of fame”.

What’s Your Take?: How much do you enjoy the show and would you rent the Jersey Shore house for $2500 per night?

Terrance Johnson


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