Got Fertilizer?


Have you noticed that people are using less fertilizer on their lawns?

It’s because the “Save the Barnegat Bay” campaign has overcome a huge hurdle to not only clean the Barnegat Bay watershed, but to clean all the water in New Jersey. Fertilizer gets into watersheds during bad weather when it mixes with rainwater and runoff through the sewer systems into the bays.

People in the Barnegat Bay watershed are making an effort to reduce fertilizer in NJ.

Nitrogen and phosphorous in the bays are harmful to the plant and animal life because most water-borne animals use the bay areas to breed. Animals won’t have to fear any longer because the new law has restrictions that will curb dangerous chemicals in fertilizer that will improve their quality of life.

The campaign lobbied for a  new law that requires all fertilizer to be sold with 20% of its nitrogen in slow-release form. This slow-release form is insoluble and will not mix with water. Also, phosphorous is banned in most fertilizer for lawn use.

According to Greenscapes, here are some alternatives to using lawn fertilizer:

  • DO use native landscaping. Native landscaping helps homeowners show off their area’s elements with wild flowers, trees, and rocks. The native landscape will also give nutrients to the soil that is meant for your specific area.
  • DO leave grass clippings on the lawn. Leaving grass clippings on the lawn over time provides the same amount of nutrients as a single use of fertilizer. It is a natural way to get nutrients into the soil. And who doesn’t love the smell of freshly cut grass!
  • DO grow some clover on your lawn. Growing clover is a beautiful, natural way for nutrients to grow on your lawn. Low-lying clover is actually part of the traditional lawn that people see in pictures. Who knows? You might find a four-leaf clover and get lucky!

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