The Reusable Bag Fad: Why Should You Make the Change?


Recently we have all seen the increasing use of reusable bags throughout our local supermarkets and malls. But why bother switching our convenient plastic bags that we use every day for reusable ones? Allow me to answer this question.

I’m sure many of you have seen a photo of the poor seagull with a plastic bag or plastic soda can holders wrapped around its neck.  It is not a secret that the plastic we use and throw away affects wildlife and the ocean environment directly. The Environmental Literacy Council wrote in 2008, “Plastic bags pose a threat to marine life, because, if ingested, the bags can block the stomach and cause starvation. Sea turtles, for example, mistake plastic bags for jellyfish.” By putting a stop to your use, you alone are making a contribution to saving and protecting marine life and their environment. Although it will only make a miniscule dent in the world of plastics, it is a step in the right direction.

Reduce the Amount of Plastic That Turtles Eat!


Not only are you benefiting our environment by using reusable bags, you can also gain additional benefits for yourself. If you haven’t already experienced them, it is good to know that reusable bags are actually more convenient than their plastic counterparts.

Ever have your hands full of plastic supermarket bags and have to rummage through your pockets or purse to get your keys and unlock your car? If you had a reusable bag, that inconvenience may be avoided. The comfort design of reusable bags includes a longer strap to be placed on the shoulder; this allows your hands to be free to access those keys easily. Adding to their design, reusable bags are at least twice the size of ordinary plastic bags which in turn enables you to carry twice as much, go figure.

Comfortable Shoulder Straps!

Plastic bags also bring inconvenience when they rip, or become punctured for example, from those heavy milk gallons. Since they are usually made out of environmental friendly fabrics, they do not rip easily. Another advantage of reusable bags is you can wash them to rid of the nasty bacteria that can be transferred from the supermarkets to your home.

Now, after reading all of these benefits, will you take the next step and start using reusable bags? If so, read about which reusable shopping bag is the “Greenest!”


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