MTV hit Jersey Shore is not so “Jersey.”


The Jersey Shore, one of MTV’s biggest hits, packed 8 wild characters into one house in Seaside Heights, NJ. Ever since the start of this drama packed reality show, New Jerseyans have been stereotyped as muscle packed meat heads with spiked hair or tan, gaudy, obnoxious girls with “poofs” on top of their heads. I find this stereotype of Jersey pretty far-fetched since most of the cast members on the “Jersey Shore” aren’t even from New Jersey, let alone even Italian as they claim they are.

Going to the gym, fake baking and doing laundry are the three main responsibilities the cast has on the show besides working at a t-shirt shop on the boardwalk. Now finishing up their fourth season, the Jersey Shore cast has created much controversy through their fights on Seaside boardwalk or getting kicked out of Club Karma. Their drunken nights, and even sometimes days have resulted in many of them getting a black eye, fat lip or even arrested. New Jerseyans are not proud of the fact that we are associated with and assumed to act in the ways of the Jersey Shore cast members.

Ronnie's Entertaining Boardwalk Fight

Not only do New Jerseyans hate being associated with the “Jersey Shore,” but so do brand names such as Abercrombie and Fitch who offered to pay Mike “the Situation” to stop wearing their clothes because of the perceived damage to their image. Also, one thing that I came across recently is the Jersey Shore house is being rented out for $2500 dollars a night. Really, $2500 a night.

Well, hopefully when this show comes to an end, the image and stereotype of New Jerseyans will fist pump its way out with them.


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