The blog assignment


You need to write two posts and post them on our blog.

One may be very short. Both must be good.

One should talk about plastic bags/reusable bags in general OR the Asbury Park campaign.

The second should NOT refer to plastic bags or the Asbury Park campaign. BUT you need to write the second post about the something relevant to the reader of the NJ Surfrider blog (e.g., beaches in NJ, surfing, suntan lotion, sandcastles, your favorite beach walk, fish, beaches in the spring, shore houses, marine issues etc.)

1.You will be more likely to do well if you read my post on how to get an “A.”

2. Read suggestions about blogs, including about the twenty approaches to blog posts.

3. MAKE SURE you read additional guidance about how you should write your blog.

4. Avoid stream of consciousness blogs posts.  Read other effective blogs. For example, read the ones featured on the home page of

Finally, you must post to our blog. To do so, you must sign up with wordpress.

If you are NOT using your EDEN email, send me the appropriate email so I can add you as an author to this blog. If you are not an author, you cannot post.

Post before class on Tuesday


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