How to get an A on your blog posts



I bet some of you are wondering what it takes for get an A from this @#$% professor.  (Note the lead of your blog should be interesting to your target audience.)

I will review the quality of your blog posts based on the following criteria adapted from website


  •  Will your posts attract NJ Surfrider’s target audience? 
  •  Is the  topic clear to someone who only reads the headline?
  • Does the lead paragraph grab the reader?
  • Would someone who knows absolutely nothing about this topic understand this post?
  • Is the post interesting?  Zippy?  Will a member of the target audience want to keep reading it?
  • Have  you peppered the headline and the post with keywords and phrases that will be attractive to search engines?
  • Did you  remember to ask your readers a question at the end or  to include something to  stimulate readers to comment?
  •  Is your writing concise and clear?  Did you proofread it?
  • Did you cite appropriately?  (See my blog post about this.) 
  •  Did you write blog posts (rather than a research paper).  Do they look like blog posts?
  • Did you fulfill the requirements of the assignment?  (See below.) 
  • Did your post about the campaign/plastic bags/Asbury Park use appropriate behavioral tools, such as those we discussed for the Surfrider campaign?

Do you think this checklist is too long?   I do.  I included items that I should no longer need to mention.   For example, “concise and clear.”   If you don’t know that yet, you have slept through every class.    “Interesting.”  Isn’t that obvious?   “Target audience.” Where have you been?  However, because I am a kind professor, I included these items rather than say: “Use all the information you learned in class.”


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